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Dongguan the Poma plastic machinery Co., Ltd. is continuing to pursue the top technology

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  In the mechanical field the Poma Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, with continuous research and application of advanced technology, to make their own rapid development. Dongguan the Poma Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a starting point of the mainland of China HENAN press Corporation in collaboration with the Australian TIMAPARK created in Guangdong, China's plastic machinery and equipment manufacturers. The leading products are: all kinds of PP, PE, PS, ABS, EVA plastic film, sheet metal equipment; all kinds of PP, PE, PEVA, EVA cast film equipment, etc..
  Dongguan the Poma plastic machinery Co., Ltd. to go beyond the self, the user first, the pursuit of excellence, attention to the brand of faith, pay close attention to internal management, focusing on scientific and technological progress manufacturers adhere to join forces based on the market, competing strategic direction.
  Dongguan the Poma plastic machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in producing various specifications of a variety of materials, plastic machinery, such as: sheet machine, plate machine, cast film machine, plastic sheet machines plastic laminating laminating machine, hot melt adhesive gangbao shoe machine, plastic cutter, welcomed the the Octagon friend Advisory negotiate! ! Tel: +86-0769-88316826.
The face of the new century industrial revolution, Dongguan the Poma Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. always adhere to the "quality with me, the customer in my heart," the quality policy, careful decision-making, long-term planning, sound management mechanism, improve the fluency of the full range of products network, high-quality products and effective service to the society. Seize the opportunity to meet the challenges of the new era of economic forms of rapid development.
  Poma Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan is willing to work with domestic and foreign friends from all walks of life go hand in hand, create brilliant! Common to the field of science and technology towards the next step.

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