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CPP cast film

date2012-06-11 15:00:29  view21509

  CPP cast film is not oriented polypropylene film obtained by casting method, the product has a high light quality, transparency, adaptability of mechanical, moisture resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics. Mainly as a substrate is widely used in composite packaging materials, and other thin-film composite. Because of its good heat resistance, often used for cooking food packaging, can be divided into stage two of the high temperature cooking class and steamed. Temperature cooking class CPP film, mainly for dry composite system have a variety of other film bags, cooking and sterilization capability of more than 120 ℃; general steamed who grade CPP film, boiling below 120 ℃ sterilization.
  Since the 1980s, China began to introduce the development of this technology, CPP cast film and processing was also a certain lack of understanding and knowledge, its application has been extremely limited. Recent years, with food packaging requirements and standards continue to improve, and further promote the application of plastic film in food packaging, cooking grade CPP film has a more profound understanding. The performance is good, the market demand of high-quality cooking class CPP film growth was rapid.

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