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Characteristics of domestic cast film production line

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The vast majority of our machinery than foreign money back 10 years, the introduction of foreign cast film machine cast film machine's history and current situation of the initial stage of our country from the mid-1980s, the majority of single-layer structure. The domestic cast film production line features:
  (1) The domestic cast film production line according to the film width can be divided into: 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 5000mm, the configuration of the extruder can be divided into: three, five, seven. (2) five of the domestic cast film production line mainly by the extrusion part of the cast part of the corona part of the winding part of the electronic control part. Mold parts and extruded parts, according to the requirements of customers for free combination, and thus the maximum to meet the different needs of the majority of our customers (the market).
  (3) In addition, domestic equipment in the design, but also follow the international advanced level, such as:
   A unique behind the device design, are free to adjust the pressure of the extruder.
   The unique screw design of the flow channel can be applied to different materials to achieve the use of a machine.
   C, roller flow channel design, the cooling effect is better, more stable product quality, higher yields.
   D, domestic flow linear velocity of the cast film production line meet 160m/min--250m/min level.
  (4) The domestic cast film production line compared with the imported equipment, the same high-speed, stable performance, environmentally friendly, energy-saving features. Product thickness of 0.017mm-0.08mm (international standards) to 0.025mm.
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