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Related to the definition of the plastic sheet machine, cast film machine

date2012-06-25 15:02:59  view22804

  Dongguan the Poma plastic machinery Co., Ltd. The leading products are: cast film machine, plastic sheet extruding machine, all kinds of PP, PE, PS, ABS,, EVA and other plastic films, sheet metal equipment; all kinds of PP, PE,PEVA, EVA cast film. Plastic extrusion equipment, production lines mainly the enterprise spirit of high-tech design, high standards of quality, willing to friends around the world service!
  Salivation is a plastic molding technology: high polymer solution or melt of polymers by a scraper or die directly on the steel strip and steel roller spreading forming a certain thickness of the unoriented film is divided into the solvent salivation and melt salivation. Melting salivation method can be used to produce polyolefin cast film, stretch film and PA salivation film. Flux salivation method can be used to produce cellulose triacetate film base used in the production of film and film.
  The cast film is more than an ordinary film barrier, Paul Hong, moisture resistance, oil resistance, sealing performance can cooking be further improved, meat, frozen products can be widely used in cooking meat and convenience foods aquatic products, fruits, etc. solid packaging and dairy products, edible oils, wine, soy sauce liquid packaging, greatly extend the shelf life of commodities.

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